What is Antiqa?

Antiqa is the all-new way to buy the antique and handcrafted jewelry online with the specially discounted price range. We know that buying and selling pieces of jewelry online is not a new thing and lots of companies are doing this for a while, so what is the new thing that we are doing? Well, when it comes to Antiqa.in we present you the greatest collection and the most premium artwork of studded and antique jewelry that is exclusively handcrafted by our expert workmen. The sort of detailed handcrafted jewelry we have for our customers makes us different and draw a fine line of perfection between us and other online jewelry retail companies.

About Antiqa

Antiqa is an initiative of Mrs. Beenu Kathuria to bring the modern-looking antique jewelry at your doorstep at such price that won’t hurt your pocket or break your budget. The expert team craftsmen at or workstation work with their expertise and dedication for each and every piece of jewelry. All our jewelry products are well designed and have a decent finishing that makes them a premium look. The thing that makes the jewelry of antiqa, a bit classy that other online retail stores are, all our designs are exclusively handcrafted and from our experts. It means we don’t use machines to make the replications of jewelry instead of that, our pieces of jewelry are handcrafted and devised by humans. We believe in creating masterpieces and work day and night with devotion and hard work to make the pieces of jewelry that can adorn you with elegance and dignity. Check out our latest collection of handcrafted Jewellery and see the difference.