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Kohinoor shaped Pendant with Blue topaz & Sapphire Pendant

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Material Sterling Silver-925
Gross Wt. 12 grams
Size 5.2 x 3.3 cms
Stone Wt. 10.50 carats
Diamond Wt. 1.80 carats
Style No. VP1904
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1. Pendant handcrafted with Square shaped Blue topaz radiating immense luster through Blue Sapphire & Diamonds.

2. Blue Topaz Helps improving communication and self-expression of people.

3. It helps in providing inner peace, mental stability and balances the Thyroid gland.

4. It has the ability to get tuned with the angels of truth and wisdom very easily. So, it helps during meditation to connect with your inner self. It has excellent healing qualities for the neck and throat area which helps in ailing many throat related problems.

5. Free shipping Available International or Domestic.

6. It is a proven good stone for writers because it helps in expressing oneself in a better way.

7.  It improves digestion, eliminates lethargy and helps improve focus and concentration.