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Small Melle Diamonds dangle Mughal Style Earrings/ Victorian Earring For Women/ Fancy Earrings

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Product Description

Material Sterling Silver-925
Gross Wt. 34.0 grams
Size  8.0 cm X 3. cm
Diamond Wt.  6.5 carats
Style No. VE2074
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1. Flat cut diamonds (Polki) decorated with small Melle diamonds and enamel work produce a graceful and attractive dangle Mughal style Earring.

2. The earrings are the most minimalist and at the same time most attractive jewelry accessories for women. There is a wide selection of earrings in the market and in online sales. However, if you are looking for a unique and elegant pair of earrings, Antiqa is for you. We have the most exclusive and elegant pairs of earrings specially designed with precious stones. The particularity of our earrings is the exclusive creations handmade by our experienced craftsmen, who will undoubtedly seduce you. This small but attractive accessory is the best gift to offer to your loved ones. Choose your favorite partner and have them return home in no time.

3. Free Shipping Available.

4. These wedding earrings are high-quality diamonds.

5. Keep the jewelry away from heat, perfumes, deodorants or strong chemicals as they may react with the metal or non-metal.

6. We packed our product in Strongbox.


Avoid Direct of Heat

Before Showering take out of the Accessories.

Dry it with a clean towel if it gets wet.

Use only Soft Brush, never sharp or hard objects, to remove dirt or particles.

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