Top 5 reasons to gift jewellery to your loved ones
29 Sep

Receiving a gift makes one feel immensely special and valued. Whether it is expected or not, big or small, or useful or not, nothing can be more exciting than receiving a beautifully wrapped gift item. The very thought that someone remembered you can put you in an upbeat mood regardless of age or gender. 

Handmade Jewelry

But for the one who gifts, choosing an appropriate gift can be a mind-boggling affair as every small detail matters. You want your gift to express your love, appreciation, care, warmth, and at the same time make an everlasting impression on your loved one. It should not only be memorable, but depending on the occasion and your connection to the receiver it should be celebratory or have a sentimental value attached to it.

Before you are too overwhelmed with decision making you can choose to gift your loved one with a beautiful piece of jewelry as it has all elements of beauty, emotion, uniqueness, and all the above-mentioned requirements attached to it. Still undecided? Then read these top five reasons why jewelry makes a perfect gift for the ones you love.

Handmade Jewelry 

1. It is timeless: Unlike other gifts which wear and tear, jewelry doesn’t age and remains fresh with time. Due to its size and timeless quality, it can be stored easily and passed on to the next generation as family heirlooms. Even after decades, it will never become irrelevant as it can be upgraded or redesigned and even used as vintage jewelry. 

Besides being inordinately pleasing to the eye and something you can adorn on any special occasion, jewelry serves as an investment that can actually appreciate in value. Hence more than a mere purchase it is an asset whose value is retained or even increases with time.

2. It adds a personal touch: Jewelry can be personalized to complement the personality, complexion, and style of your loved one. For this, you can take the help of your jewelry designer to create custom pieces and even inscribe them with names, quotes, or dates.


3. It has a sentimental value: There is an emotion attached to gifting jewelry such as expressing one’s love, friendship, tenderness, recognition, or warmth. Because of its high price we are extremely selective about whom we gift them and that is mostly to people who are extraordinarily close to us. Hence it holds a sense of sentimentality in our hearts. It also signifies various monumental occasions in our lives such as engagements, weddings, births, and graduations. Therefore it has the quality to echo sentiments and rekindle memories.

4. Suits all occasions: Jewellery has the versatility to suit any occasion and add a touch of glamour to your looks. Right from office wear to traditional dresses, you can gracefully adorn anything from a bracelet, a watch, anklets, pendant, or cufflinks and look classy and elegant all the way. 

5. For both genders and all ages: Jewellery can be gifted to people of all age groups from children to young adults and even for the elderly. Besides women, jewelry is popular amongst men too, and you can gift that special man in your life anything from cufflinks, watches, studs, bracelets to tie accents, etc. Do you need to gift your loved ones with an exquisite piece of jewelry that makes them gasp with elation and joy? Then browse our stunning collection of handcrafted antique jewelry that comes with studded precious genuine gems and is exclusively crafted by our brilliant artisans. Surprise your loved one with a gift to remember, today!


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